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Last year, I was facilitating a workshop on Agile and began the conversation, as usual with introductions. I asked each attendee what was the most important burning question that brought them to the workshop. One of the attendees replied –

“We have been trying to introduce Agile to our […]

It is my favorite time of the year – Fall, the season of thanks, reflection and resolutions.

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, I look back with thanks and appreciation at all this year has given to us. Among other things, I am thankful for you being […]


The story of the Wygat Weed Whacker goes back many years – to the time we bought our first home in the beautiful town of Allen, TX. One of the best parts of our home was a small back-yard, where my wife would spend time after each work-day, hanging out with […]


I think it was the winter of 2013. I was at the headquarters in Boston, attending training on Evidence Based Management. On the last day of the training, as we were wrapping up, I got an automated call from American Airlines – my […]

This blog is the sequel to my earlier blog – Enterprise Agile Transformation Part 1 – The Story of BB Watt’s Lawn Service. In Part 1, I told you the story of my friend Walt and how he got fired as the President of his HOA.



After being fired, Walt was in the […]



One of my friends – Walt, is the HOA President for a community of about 500 homes. Although it is a safe and beautiful community, they are undergoing a transition – many of the residents are empty-nesters who want to sell their homes, down-size and move to their retirement homes. […]


I just spent 4 days attending an SPC class with Dean Leffingwell & Alex Yakyma (funny but useful :)) in Boulder and wanted to share my reflections when they are still fresh in my mind.

It was a large class – 7 tables with about 5-6 people at each table, so it was a bit cramped. […]


True Story from when I was Agile Coach for a Multi-Billion Dollar, Fortune 15 Giant…

It was a large Agile program and we had new team members joining the program in waves. Not everyone was familiar with Agile and we did not have money for in-person training. So we had to do the next best […]

“Eventbrite Order Notification” – This is probably one of the best mails I receive as a ScrumTrainer 🙂 It usually means I have another student with whom I can share my passion for Scrum. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work that way.

Last year, I got this notification for a student who wanted to attend my PSPO course. […]

Sometimes when we try Agile, our initial process might look a little bit like something I call an “Iter-Fall” Sandwich – a mixture between Iterative Software Development and Waterfall.

In an extreme case, we might have the following “iterations”…

1. Requirements “Sprint” / “Iteration”

2. Analysis “Sprint” / “Iteration”

3. Architecture “Sprint” / “Iteration”

4. Design “Sprint” / […]

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