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“Eventbrite Order Notification” – This is probably one of the best mails I receive as a ScrumTrainer 🙂 It usually means I have another student with whom I can share my passion for Scrum. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work that way.

Last year, I got this notification for a student who wanted to attend my PSPO course. […]

Sometimes when we try Agile, our initial process might look a little bit like something I call an “Iter-Fall” Sandwich – a mixture between Iterative Software Development and Waterfall.

In an extreme case, we might have the following “iterations”…

1. Requirements “Sprint” / “Iteration”

2. Analysis “Sprint” / “Iteration”

3. Architecture “Sprint” / “Iteration”

4. Design “Sprint” / […]



Last week, I lost one of my best friends, mentors and supporters – Chris Barnhurst. It is hard to think of a world without Chris, God took him too soon. It is difficult to describe all the ways in which Chris helped me and my family but it […]


As I look back at the different software delivery organizations I travelled with on the path of business agility, I started noticing some patterns in the risks that often slow down or derailed our journeys. Nine key risks stood out in my mind, but I […]

Over the past few weeks, I started asking some of my friends and mentors what they thought about my blog. I got a very interesting set of responses, and I am paraphrasing some of them here…

“Don’t bust a blood vessel trying to be funny.”

“Too damn long! No one has the time to read a blog longer than a page. Condense your writing or use a smaller font!”

“What is the single take-away for each blog? If everything is important, nothing is important.”

“Why should I read your blog? What’s in it for me?”

Many of the comments reminded me of a heading in a beautiful book I just finished reading – Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds….

“Dakara Nani? (So What?)”