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About 10 years ago, I experienced the mixed blessing of being part of yet another nextgen rewrite project. I was guiding a team of about 25 really smart team members, part of a much larger team of about 150+ people. Our team was responsible for completely rewriting the […]


Imagine you have just been asked to build an Agility Enablement Organization for your company. Sounds like fun, but there are some constraints you need to work within or around…

There are 100+ teams with varying levels of interest in Agile
You only have a small team of enablers
You would like to deliver incremental, measurable […]


So it’s a new year. New Year, new start, yadda yadda yadda… Maybe you are considering some New Year Resolutions so I wanted to invite you to take our 2017 waste-loss challenge by decreasing your Sabotagile Quotient. This challenge builds upon my previous blog – “Agile or Sabotagile: Help Your Management […]


OK, so this will be awkward, and maybe cringe-inducing post. But we are approaching the new year. Plenty of people might be making new year resolutions. Many will be around fitness. So everyone needs to read this.

I was once really impressed by 24 Hour Fitness. I used to see their ads on […]


The end goal of empirically building strong, self-organizing Scrum Teams to help your business…

Increase Sustainable Value
Sustainably Decrease Waste &
Sustainably Manage Risk

It seems quite straightforward, however, as you start traveling down this path, you may run into complex challenges with no clear, […]

“Eventbrite Order Notification” – This is probably one of the best mails I receive as a ScrumTrainer 🙂 It usually means I have another student with whom I can share my passion for Scrum. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work that way.

Last year, I got this notification for a student who wanted to attend my PSPO course. […]

This blog is part of my series on “Agile Trojan Horses – Covert Appetizers for Agile Discovery”. This series helps spark conversations that restore focus on Agile Fundamentals, whet the appetite to discover more about Agile and help apply Agile in day-to-day decision-making.

I am writing this blog as the year comes to […]

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I used to be passionate about Agile Coaching and Scrum. I have spent many years and a lot of money to get here. So it is strange that I am now writing about how all the investment made me a gambling […]


As I look back at the different software delivery organizations I travelled with on the path of business agility, I started noticing some patterns in the risks that often slow down or derailed our journeys. Nine key risks stood out in my mind, but I […]