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Agile Coaching

DFW Agile Coach

Agile Coach

We know that Agile Transformation is a means to an end and not the end in itself.

The end goal is freedom – freedom from fire-drills in production, from apologizing for missed dates or features, from releasing products the market doesn’t care about, and from driving teams so hard that they burn out and join the competition. Get trained to succeed with an expert Agile Coach.

But this freedom is not easy. It takes more than a scrum master certification to lead a successful Agile Transformation. Our Agile Coaches have a proven track record of leading lasting Agile Transformations for team sizes from 150 to 1500 in distributed, offshore, outsourced settings.

Prepared to Lead with a Agile Coach

We complement best practices in Agile Software Development with techniques from Entrepreneurship, Change Leadership and Team Building to anticipate, avoid and recover from the pit-falls that derail most Agile Transformations.

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