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Delivering Solutions


SmoothApps is proud to partner with a near-shore Agile Delivery Organization – TXM, a technology and services company focused on delivering telecommunication technology solutions. TXM helps their clients improve profitability and enhance service delivery to the customers and constituents that rely on these services every day. With this partnership, SmoothApps and TXM can now provide turn-key solutions that include.

  • Agile Talent
  • Agile Training
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Consulting
  • Agile DevOps
  • Agile Delivery
  • Agile Cloud Hosting
  • Agile Customer Service & Support


TXM has experts in diverse technology stacks that include

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Java / J2EE
  • .Net
  • Cloud Development


TXM has expertise in a diverse set of areas:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Operational Support Systems (OSS)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Telecom Networks
  • Enterprise VOIP Systems


TXM team members are trained and certified in Agile Software Delivery through and have the challenging PSM Level 1 certification. TXM has a strong commitment to Agile Software Delivery and continued to invest in Agile Training & Coaching to upgrade the skills of it’s team members.


With locations in Austin TX, Saltillo MX, Queretaro MX and Mexico City, TXM delivers projects to the entire American Continent. Unlikedevelopment centers in Europe or Asia, TXM development centers are in US central time zone and only a 90 minute flight from Dallas.

TXM is proud of its team of motivated, creative and customer focussed Agile engineers. With TXM as your technology and integration partner, be prepared to move forward fast!