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Ravi worked as an Agile Coach for Process Improvement during our transition to Agile. He led our solutions, development, and testing teams through the process of organizing into SCRUM teams and creating Sprint backlogs to manage our software development cycles. He played a large role in defining how we could transition, manage, and measure our progress towards moving to Agile. He coached our development leads and made sure to question our old beliefs that were constraining us so that we could make a successful transition. Ravi also is a proponent of measurement, and the visibility he gave me as a CIO into our progress in developing burn-down charts, backlogs, and progress in Agile through each release was invaluable.

CIO – Media Company

Ravi gained my respect and appreciation on day one based on his substantial abilities and contributions. The environment was often chaotic and frustrating, and there many difficult challenges to be dealt with. Ravi consistently handled every situation with professionalism and a cool head, always finding ways to add value and enhance the capabilities of his team. I also appreciate the deep expertise he clearly possesses, being able to coach individuals on a team or chart out a vision for a large organization.

Chris Barnhurst, Director – Amdocs

Working with Ravi at the AT&T Foundry altered my perspectives on business. He worked to guide us in forming an Agile in Buisness group that improved the efficiency of our cross functional teams and is helping us place rigor around our work. Because of his instruction, insight and example we understand software development methodology more fully and have been able to increase each week, our own implementation of Agile principles on the business side. He has been a most generous, gracious and helpful Agile Coach. I would recommend him to any company in any industry that is interested in improving efficiency, predictability and putting into place methods of empirically evaluating work. His presence is transformative.

Jennifer Chaffin, EBM Regional Operations at AT&T

Ravi worked for AT&T providing support for our move into the AGILE world of software development. He helped to train not only the technical staff, but also the non-technical staff not only in the AGILE methodology but the psychology that goes behind it. This was very helpful to us so the we actually embrace the psychology as well as just the teminology.. We didn’t want to be AGILE in name only, and Ravi was very instrumental in helping us to get there.

Steve Kennedy, Senior Product Development Manager at AT&T

I worked closely with Ravi on Agile coaching one of the largest Agile programs at AT&T. His never give up attitude and looking to keep the Agile Transformation moving forward is what made the program successful. I partnered with Ravi to provide training to many new hires and individuals that were new to Agile. I recommend engaging Ravi if you are looking to scale Agile for a large program/organization.

Rick Reinacher, Agile Coach at AT&T

I worked with Ravi on a large scale transformation project where Ravi played a role of an Agile coach. Ravi’s knowledge of Agile and his passion about coaching created a lot of enthusiasm about using the Agile framework, which was completely new to everyone on the team. He has trained the team quickly and efficiently, created various processes to get the program off the ground, and continuously fostered the Agile spirit in all aspects of the program. Ravi is a great team player, always has a positive “can do” attitude, very pro-active, inspiring and extremely knowledgeable. Ravi would be a tremendous asset to any project or any employer.

Julia Atkinson, Consulting Manager – Amdocs

Ravi has been a great asset to our company. Six months ago, the majority of us knew very little about the scrum framework, and those that had, were following it in different ways. Ravi has taught us, learning our environment along the way, and he is very good at encouraging consistency while at the same time listening and responding to any issues that people have with the process. He has successfully implemented and coordinated the scrum process across the entire IT organization, consisting of 14 Scrum teams. I feel he has done a very good job of it, in a very short timeframe. I would recommend Ravi as an agile coach.

Cathy Saxby, Systems Engineer – SuperMedia

It was a pleasure working with Ravi. He is very passionate about his job. As an agile coach Ravi brought in his in depth knowledge on Agile methodology and all his previous experiences to help bring SuperMedia into one platform. He is very much detailed-oriented and it was amazing that he helped all the teams to get up to speed in as little a 6 months.

Umar Mohamed Ali, Technical Lead – SuperMedia LLC

I find Ravi to be a true leader with deep experience and exceptional analysis and technical skills who always has time to mentor and assist those around him.

Able to manage multiple work streams simultaneously, Ravi is responsive and exhibits both professionalism and great communication skills. Ravi has a keen eye for project risk and is organized in tracking project status and issues while leading the Scrum of Scrums. He can he counted on to manage organizational expectations and deliver difficult messages to management and scrum masters when necessary.

Always cool under pressure, he could bring order and a plan of action to any situation, while also looking out for Scrum Teams. His written and verbal communication is articulate and effective, and his sense of humor is refreshing.

Ravi has consistently demonstrated a willingness to research answers to hard problems with great attention to detail. Not professing to know everything himself, he was not averse to calling on the Agile community and network, including me to gather more perspective. He has printed Agile artifacts and shares blogs with the IT organization here at SuperMedia. He ‘lives’ the Agile framework and ‘eats his own dog food’ through modeling the behavior and is well respected by his peers.

Karen Bonner, Senior IT Consultant – Improving Enterprises

Ravi understands the great need for communicating when rolling out technological initiatives. He creatively uses the MBTI(R) assessment to create a bridge between technology folks and the rest of us! His focus and dedication to helping others harness the downside of conflict management by using the TKI instrument deserves your attention. I have to say Ravi is one of the most dedicated learners I have worked with and is always looking for a way to logically use his new information gleaned from countless hours of research.

Becky Sandifer PHD SPHR, Regional Consultant – Executive Coach, CPP, Inc

We were honored to have Ravi speak for the Lone Star Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. He was on-time, prepared, and very informative – he added creative flair when discussing Agile Techniques that pleased our group and made the topic much more fun to learn about. Although we couldn’t offer him enough time to complete his topic, he presented another webcast exclusively for our group afterwards so that everyone could hear the rest of the presentation. I look forward to working with Ravi again in the future.

Jackie Tidwell, VP Programs – STC Lone-Star

I attended a Webinar on Conflict Management by Ravi. It was of excellent value for me and I was able to use many of the concepts I learnt from the webinar at work. It has been quite insightful. Ravi has a passion for this topic and is an excellent trainer. He is able to create a positive impact on his audience with great clarity and depth of knowledge.

Hari Sudha Kumar, Head of Product Development – Nokia Siemens Network

Ravi is an excellent instructor: very enthusiastic in his subject matter, knowledgeable, and well organized. The way Ravi explained and structured his material was easy to follow and comprehend. The material that Ravi presented was applicable to common work tasks and I found his presentation valuable.

Lana Vutai Pham, Program Manager – Cisco Systems

Having attended several of the workshops hosted by Ravi Verma, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. He very generously shares the wealth of knowledge and insights that he brings to the table. As a result attendees learn how to improve their effectiveness within an organization. Time spent in one of his workshops is time very well spent. Decision makers will be doing themselves a favor when they avail themselves of his services for their companies.

Tim Edington, Human Resources Coordinator – McAfee (NAI)

Ravi is a focused and driven leader, with a real passion for developing communication and positivity within IT Departments, and organizations at large. I have attended Ravi’s workshops, and spent considerable time discussing the industry with him, and not only is he an expert at what he does, but he continually finds ways to better himself, and his offerings. He is never satisfied with “good enough” when it comes to his work with clients, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking real organizational change.

Alex Gammelgard, Marketing Professional – CPP, Inc.