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Accelerate Agile Transformation

Impediments to Agile Transformation

Organizations undergoing Agile Transformation encounter some common impediments – silos with misaligned metrics, inaccessible customers and a lack of well defined release content up-front, to name just a few.

These common impediments can be arranged in logical groups:

  • Inability to use a proven pattern to lead organizational change
  • Inability to customize change leadership to different personality types
  • Inability to constructively harness conflicts brought about by change
  • Inability to build self managing teams

In most cases, Agile teams and sponsors are not trained to remove these common barriers. A blended strategy of “Hope and Winging It” is probably going to generate mixed results at best, with the possibility of decelerating or even destroying the Agile Transformation.

Accelerate Agile Transformation

But it does not have to be so! With the right training, Agile teams can be equipped with a frame-work and techniques to remove these barriers. This workshop will help you learn about a simple frame-work for Accelerating Agile Transformation, with practical techniques you can apply the moment you finish the session!

You will be introduced to the four pillars of this frame-work:

  • Patterns in Change based on the 8 Step Change Leadership Model by Harvard
    Business School Professor and Change Leadership Guru – Dr. John Kotter.
  • Patterns in Personality Type based on the world’s best selling Personality Type
    Assessment – the MBTI.
  • Patterns in Conflict based on the world’s best selling Conflict Resolution
    Assessment – the TKI.
  • Patterns in Self Management based on the Work Engagement Profile Assessment – the WEP.

Each of the three techniques is described using real-world examples from the presenter’s own practical experience, and includes introspective challenges that help attendees gain new insights on Accelerating Agile Transformations.

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