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Harness Conflict with the TKI


Conflict in the workplace is one of the few guarantees in life, as passionate people with diverse perspectives interact in a high pressure environment. When harnessed effectively, conflicts are powerful, constructive forces that can catalyze an organization’s success. However, if allowed to spin out of control, conflicts can be block or slow down your team.

Despite that fact that most of us manage conflicts on a regular basis, we rarely get any formal training on the subject. Most of the time, we respond to conflicts based on habit, with little insight into what styles we over-use or under- use and why. So, we just “wing it”, with mixed results. If we are lucky, we can generate the desired outcome. Otherwise, the collateral damage can exceed the benefits, making us wish we had left things alone.


The TKI, or the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is the world’s best selling conflict resolution assessment , with more than 6 million copies sold over the last 30 years. The TKI provides a pragmatic, non-emotional, step by step frame- work to steering conflicts in the desired direction. It helps us realize that we can choose from five available styles when faced with a conflict, and points out which styles we tend to over-use or under-use. Understanding the pros and cons of each style helps us select and implement the appropriate style based on the situation.

The workshop is offered in on-site as well as on-line formats.

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