Scrum Is A Blank Check

“Scrum Is A Blank Check For Developers!” – 7 Ways To Stop Them From Emptying Your Bank Account!

True story - happened in one of my recent Professional Scrum Master workshops. I think had just mentioned that there is no "Sprint Commitment" in Scrum, only a "Sprint Forecast". The eyes of one of my students lit up with glee. Uh-Oh, I thought. This is going to be...
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Soccer Ball on Road

Machine Learning & Scrum – 9 Months, 6 Minutes & 1 Niggling Thought…

NINE MONTHS Like many old, boring people, my favorite radio channel in the car is National Public Radio. Since I live in Dallas, TX, my local channel is KERA. Of all the shows in KERA, my favorite is a show called Think With Krys Boyd. Almost each show I listen to...
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13 Stances of a Highly Effective Product Owner

14 Stances of Highly Effective Product Owners

The role of the Scrum Product Owner is probably the most misunderstood of the three Scrum Roles. As I look back at the different incarnations and interpretations I have seen of Product Ownership, I thought it was time to articulate the different stances I thought an...
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I’m Not Calling Your Baby Ugly – Two Ways and 25 Dimensions to Compare Agile Scaling Frameworks

True Story... Many times, clients ask Agile Coaches like me to come in and share our "expertise" with them. But sometimes they really don't want our "Expertise". What they really want is someone with lots of TLA's to come and tell them that there pre-existing opinions...
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Sleepless In Cxo-Land


THE (MIXED) BLESSING OF NEXTGEN REWRITES  About 10 years ago, I experienced the mixed blessing of being part of yet another nextgen rewrite project. I was guiding a team of about 25 really smart team members, part of a much larger team of about 150+ people. Our team...
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"Eventbrite Order Notification" - This is probably one of the best mails I receive as a ScrumTrainer 🙂 It usually means I have another student with whom I can share my passion for Scrum. Sometimes it doesn't quite work that way. Last year, I got this notification for...

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Sometimes when we try Agile, our initial process might look a little bit like something I call an "Iter-Fall" Sandwich - a mixture between Iterative Software Development and Waterfall. In an extreme case, we might have the following "iterations"... 1. Requirements...

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  IN MEMORIAM – CHRIS BARNHURST Last week, I lost one of my best friends, mentors and supporters – Chris Barnhurst. It is hard to think of a world without Chris, God took him too soon. It is difficult to describe all the ways in which Chris helped me and my...

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This blog is part of my series on “Agile Trojan Horses – Covert Appetizers for Agile Discovery”. This series helps spark conversations that restore focus on Agile Fundamentals, whet the appetite to discover more about Agile and help apply Agile in day-to-day...

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How The Road to Agile Coaching Made Me A Gambling Addict!

Watch a video version of this blog or scroll down to read a text version... I used to be passionate about Agile Coaching and Scrum. I have spent many years and a lot of money to get here. So it is strange that I am now writing about how all the investment made me a...

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My Experiments with Entrepreneurship – Chapter 9: Dakara Nani? And The Texas Three Step

Over the past few weeks, I started asking some of my friends and mentors what they thought about my blog. I got a very interesting set of responses, and I am paraphrasing some of them here…

“Don’t bust a blood vessel trying to be funny.”

“Too damn long! No one has the time to read a blog longer than a page. Condense your writing or use a smaller font!”

“What is the single take-away for each blog? If everything is important, nothing is important.”

“Why should I read your blog? What’s in it for me?”

Many of the comments reminded me of a heading in a beautiful book I just finished reading – Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds….

“Dakara Nani? (So What?)”

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My Experiments with Entrepreneurship – Chapter 8: The Groupon Buffet Burglary!

Have you ever been to an Indian Lunch Buffet? Assuming that it did not give you indigestion, and that you enjoyed the food, what are your top five favorite dishes? I am going to go on a limb and try to guess them here…

Naan Bread or Biryani
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Saag Paneer
Gulab Jamun or Kheer
Now, imagine a much ballyhooed Indian restaurant called – ‘Something Palace’ opens up a branch next to your work place. What’s special about this location is that it offers your top five favorite dishes in the unlimited lunch buffet every single day! Even better – for $10.99 you get a groupon for a lifetime of lunches at this location. Would you buy it?

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