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Kanban Service Delivery Coach

Las Vegas, Nevada Area

We are looking for a Kanban Service Delivery Coach  for a 6 month contract based on the client site in Las Vegas. This is not remote work- candidates must be based in the Las Vegas area.

The Kanban Service Delivery Coach is a change leader who understands current processes, respects existing roles, responsibilities, and job titles and enables improvement through…

  • evolutionary change
  • self-organization
  • acts of leadership at all levels



The Kanban Service Delivery Coach is accountable to enable teams that provide faster, more predictable value delivery and adapt effectively to changes in customer demand and business environment.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The coach will achieve the desired outcome by helping team in the following areas:

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Help teams understand, focus on and self-organize towards achieving the customer’s needs and expectations.
  • VALUE: Help teams determine the most valuable items of work and support those responsible for identifying and prioritizing the work backlog. Enable organizational value delivery planning, tracking, measurement, reporting and management.
  • VISUALIZATION: Help teams visualize how they work, what they are working on, the flow of work and associated risks.
  • POLICIES: Help teams agree to policies, make them explicit and visible to everyone involved.
  • WIP: Help teams limit WIP limit work in system to match available capacity  and by helping them start finishing, stop starting.
  • FLOW: Help teams use data to optimize the flow of value to customers by smoothing out variability and increase system reliability.
  • FEEDBACK LOOPS: Help teams establish data driven feedback loops at an appropriate cadence to enable collaborative learning and improvement.
  • SCIENTIFIC METHOD: Help teams use the scientific method to enable hypothesis driven change by running safe to fail experiments.
  • CULTURE: Promote positive team dynamics, encourage collaboration, self-organization within the team and across teams.
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP: Remove team-level impediments. Speak truth to power and support the adoption of Kaizen across teams and organizations.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates should meet the following qualifications…

  • Should have acquired the Lean Kanban University KMP credential by attending both KMP 1 and KMP 2 classes
  • At least 5+ year Kanban system design and execution experience
  • Should have prior experience helping teams effectively apply Kanban for IT Operations work
  • Strong communication and coaching skills, and ability to facilitate Kanban teams
  • Ability to speak truth to power and enable organizational change in service of value delivery to customers
  • Should be authorized to work in the USA without the need for any kind of sponsorship.

Contract Scrum Master

Las Vegas, Nevada Area

We are looking for a Scrum Master for a 6 month contract based on the client site in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 5 or more years of experience as a Scrum Master. Applicants must have passed the assessments for PSM-1 and either PSPO-1 or PSD-1. Ideal candidates will have PSM-1, PSM-2, PSPO-1, PSD-1, and SPS credentials.