Agile Learning for ROI

There is a fundamental and pervasive inauthenticity in the world of Agile training, coaching, and consulting. We don’t drink our own dog-champagne. We tell the people we train, coach and guide that they should empirically manage the ROI of Agile Value Delivery through short, controlled experiments with measurable targets, but we don’t apply the same principles, values and practices to our own training, coaching and consulting. Why? We don’t know, but we are going to fix it.

Download this white paper to discover how we markedly improved our training approach by introducing Evidence-Based Agile Learning in a real-world engagement. You will learn:

  • The paradigm shift needed for business outcome-based Agile training and coaching
  • 5 characteristics of results-based Agile training and coaching programs
  • 6 types of measures needed to maximize the ROI of such programs
  • How we applied these ideas to coach a team of Product Owners at a real client
  • How to get more information

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